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In Case of Emergency Helmet Decal

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In Case of Emergency Helmet Deca
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1 unit
$1.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

In Case of Emergency Helmet Decal

These decals are designed to help those helping you get the information they need during "The Golden Hour" if you are hurt!

Our Medic Alert Helmet decals are made from waterproof, chemical resistant and high adhesive materials so they 

last as long as you need them to. 

This In Case of Emergency Helmet Decal set comes with 6 decals and 6 clear protective covers. 

Once you've filled out your decal, apply the clear protection and then apply the completed decal

to the underside of your helmet visor or forward facing front area under the visor so anyone

helping can see pertinent information.

PTI Graphics are backed by a 1 year replacement warranty. Warranty begins following 3 day of order shipment.